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I decided it was time to update my blog and move to a self-hosted blog. I’m still in the process of changing over but the blog is up and running. All current posts and giveaways are there. No comments or entries have been lost. Please direct your new comments to

I appreciate your help and understanding with this. Great new posts and amazing giveaways are coming up soon.





Many great prizes from many great sponsors

I’ll let you have a peek at who’s sponsoring in Oct 🙂








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My Latest Win – This Company is Fabulous!! What They Did For Me! CONTEST TOO

Months ago, I entered a twitter contest. There are quite a few out there and my blog runs them as well. This one was special though. It was a contest for a 52″ Built In Grill. Back in July, I received an email that told me I was the winner!! Amazing!! Now, here I was thinking that this built in grill was a cabinet with a bbq built inside with total measurements of 52″. Not so. Turns out it was for an outdoor kitchen. The grill itself was 52″ and you had to have the outdoor kitchen to put it in. Talk about depressing. From an extreme high to an extreme low. What would I do with this? I don’t have an outdoor kitchen nor do I have the space or finances to put one in. So, I asked the company if it was possible to get a different appliance instead.

They said YES! Dacor Appliances said yes!

We began a conversation back and forth about what I needed and what they could give me. Generous indeed. Their appliances are beautiful, classic, decorative furniture for your kitchen. Here is what they gave me:

They didn’t have to. They chose to. A beautiful 30″ Renaissance Range. Smooth top, convection, self-cleaning range. It has everything and they have me deepest thanks and greatest regards.

If you are searching for more than just an appliance, Dacor is the place to go.

Follow them on twitter and enter their brand new contest. Perhaps you will be their newest, lucky winner. This time they have a gas cooktop! Good Luck!

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CattleBoyz: Review and Awesome Giveaway CAN/US Go BBQ!!




Just in time for the long weekend, I received a fabulous package from Cattleboyz. It had two sauces, 4 spices and an assortment of swag! Take a look.

Perfect timing! The last long weekend of the summer calls for all out BBQ! I couldn’t wait to start trying them out. I admit to having used their original bbq sauce before and we love it! This is gluten free and has massive flavour. It’s our main sauce. Sauce number two was their Sweet Chili Sauce. It’s also gluten free. The spice mixes were interesting. They have a great smell to them and you can see the mixture of spice in each. I think it’s going to be a good weekend.

So, first up, pork tenderloin. You have to be careful while cooking this specific cut of meat or you’ll end up with a dry and sawdusty meal. To begin, I mixed two of the seasoning rubs that I had been given which amounted to about a tablespoons of each. Rub number one was the Garlic seasoning and rub and the 2nd was the Smokey Southwest seasoning and rub.

These tenderloins were some of the best I have ever had. Certainly the best ones I’ve ever bbq’d! If you could of smelled them, it was mouth-watering. I just finished them off with a little of the Original BBQ Sauce.

The drink cozies worked out great too! After all, it was a warm weekend.

The next day, I decided to fry up a little shrimp and mushrooms. Marinate them with the Sweet Chili Sauce for a couple of hours. Toss marinated shrimp in panko bread crumbs and fry them up. Serve with veggies (in my case marinated mushrooms) and some awesome garlic bread made with Cattleboyz Garlic Seasoning and rub.

So many ways to use these sauces and seasonings. They are great on pork, beef, seafood or vegetables. Add a little flavour or a lot of zing. You will be pleased to add them to any dish you are creating.

The best part about Cattleboyz sauce and seasonings is taste. The flavour is there whether you add a little or a lot. I find with other seasonings that I have to add so much just to get a hint of the flavour. Cooking is made easier and you can be more creative with these sauces and rubs. Give your family a treat. Home cooking just got better!

Cattleboyz even has customized gift boxes on their website. You choose what you’d like to have in the gift package including bbq tools. If you’re looking for promotional product, they will even put your label on some of their sauces.

Great Canadian Company. Great Canadian Products. Available in the US too.


Visit Cattleboyz website and purchase online or find the nearest retailer to you!


Cattleboyz has generously offered 2 of my readers the opportunity to receive the very same gift basket that I received! That’s TWO winners. Open to both Canada and the US. Approximate value is $50.00!!


For this giveaway there are 2 mandatory entries and they MUST be done before any other entry will count.

1. You MUST follow cattleboyz on twitter and leave me your twitter name – 1 entry

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Subscribe to my blog – 2 entries (pls leave the email addy you subscribed under)

Enter another giveaway and tell me which one you entered. 1 entry


Tweet this giveaway. Can be done once per day. Please leave a link to your tweet in your comment. You can use the following tweet:

Feeling saucy? Spice it up with @Cattleboyzsauce & @sweetmamabrady #win #giveaway CAN/US Put flavour into your BBQ

RULES: This contest will be open to both Canada and the US. Contest will close at 9pm MST on Monday, Sept. 26. Winners will have 48 hrs to respond to my email or another winner will be drawn. Winners are chosen via

Disclaimer: The views posted here are my own and have been not been influenced in any manner. I received a gift basket of product to review and was not compensated in any other way.

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And the winners of the #500 followers giveaway are….

This contest closed at 9pm MST on Aug 31. The winners were chosen via

Prize Package #1 – 007 Bond Girl parfum spray 50ml

And the Winner is:

Rebecca R (confirmed) who said

Comment #153

Tweet: 500 follower #Giveaway. Two prizes! Two Winners! via @sweetmamabrady. Contest ends Aug 31 CAN/US

Prize Package #2 – Foot Works prize package

And the Winner is:

Renee T (confirmed) who said

Comment #42

email subscriber


Thanks to everyone who entered and made this such a successful giveaway 🙂

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GlobalFest 2011 – Italy: Part of the My Hometown Series #Calgary


by Nicole

GlobalFest is an annual fireworks competition held in Calgary, AB Canada in mid to late August at Elliston park. Since its launch in 2003, GlobalFest has been one of the top draws for both locals and tourists alike. This really comes as no surprise to me as GlobalFest is family friendly, inexpensive and has plenty to do on the grounds while you are waiting for the fireworks to kick off.

For the kids, Elliston park set up four Kiddie Korral’s around the park: bouncy houses, story area, arts and crafts, and an activity center, face painting. And if you are hungry the festival doesn’t lack any food. They have vendors with food from all over the world: Asian, Jamaican, Italian, and Ukrainian just to name a few. Myself I went straight for the Ukrainian tent and grabbed a plate of perogies before heading back to our blanket to watch the show. And what would a festival be without a Beer Garden (One World Cafe). GlobalFest has one of these too. It features beverages to try from around the world for anyone 18+ and is one of my favourite parts of the park.

Instead of heading back to your seat you could also go check out the one world stage that features performances from all around the globe. Or head over to the one world village and experience culture through music, performance, and art from all over the world including: History of the BlackFoot, Brazilian culture, art from Cameroon Africa, a stage band from the Caribbean, Chilean culture, Iranian culture, and many more!

One of the biggest draws, aside from the fireworks, for families is the fact that GlobalFest is very affordable. A general admission ticket will cost you $15.00/person or you can get tickets for all the nights for $62.50/person.

This year Italy came out on top, again, as the winner of the fireworks competition. While the Philippians took the people’s choice award for the year. So the next time you are in Calgary in late August grab some passes to GlobalFest bring a nice big blanket and settle down on the hills of Elliston park to watch a spectacular fireworks show and enjoy some amazing food from around the world.

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Dine In/Take Out: #Calgary Eats – Part of the My Hometown Series Part 1

The Keg – 130th Ave

For my money, the Keg on 130th Ave, has the best chefs. The picture above is Creole Chicken. I get this every time I visit this location. Its served with shrimp and scallops and they are done to perfection! The scallops just melt in your mouth. Obviously, they have someone cooking that knows how to do seafood. This is not the case at all the Keg’s in town. Try something different instead of the usual steak. I think you’ll be impressed. Creole Chicken is $23.95 on the menu and yes, it looks exactly like that each and every time.

Olive Grove – Midnapore

If you are feeling like a cheesy, thick crusted pizza, this is the one for you. This particular location takes care when preparing your pizza and doesn’t skimp out on the toppings. They have a varied menu including beef dips and potatoe skins or if you are feeling a little fancier, you can always try the veal. For me, however, this is where I get my pizza from. A large, 2 topping pizza, will run you around $25.00.  It’s a good price! You can easily feed 3 – 4 people with this pizza!

The British Chippy – Bridlewood

This is about as close to British Fish and Chips as you will eat in Calgary. Small 10 table restaurant with a very busy takeout service. Menu is simple. They have cod and chips, haddock and chips, steak and kidney pie, steak and mushroom pie. Can’t get more British than that unless you take a look at their sides where you will find mushy peas. A must in Britain although not to my taste. How about a little snack? Well, you can have a chip butty. It’s chips on a buttered bun! Oh it’s good alright. All the food here is yummy. Fish is lightly battered, thick pieces and made to order. The only draw back to this superb joint would be their prices. A little on the high side. Everything seems to be an add on dish. Want coleslaw with your fish, its extra. Want mushy peas, well, that’s extra too. Average cost for dinner for two: $30 – 35. Portions aren’t so big but definately worth trying.

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Kicking Horse Coffee: Review & Giveaway Can/US

I was given the opportunity to review Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee. “The name says it all: carpe diem, play to win, no regrets”

This is a bold, dark and rich coffee. It is a great mix of Indonesian and Central American fair trade, organic beans. When you open a can of coffee, the smell should tell you all you need to know. Is it fresh, vibrant and intense? Opening this can was pure pleasure. The aroma simply exploded under your nose. It tempts you into making the perfect cup. As a coffee lover, I could not wait to grind the beans and enjoy the flavor of this coffee.

For my taste, I believe that beans should be gently ground. A fine powder can dilute the taste and leave a powdery substance at the bottom of your cup. Once ground, these beans gave off further evidence of the freshness and purity of this coffee. I wanted to continue wafting the essence under my nose. Smell is an important part to your taste. Just as with food, a good coffee should have a smell that excites your pallette.

When made, the Kick Ass coffee delivers just that! Bold and strong coffee flavour without overpowering you. Just the way I like it. It is very smooth and a great way to start your morning. I can see that my future is going to contain many cups of this fantastic coffee.

Besides coffee, this company offers different teas and chocolate!! Considering the wonderful taste of the coffee, I can only image what their chocolate and teas must be like!

While checking out their website you will find that they have many items to make your coffee experience more enjoyable:

From french presses to grinders

Travel cups and Beautiful Gift Sets

This is one stop shopping for your hot beverage needs (chocolate too!)


So who wants to win some amazing coffee? Well, you are in luck. Kicking Horse Coffee has offered one of my readers the opportunity to Win a can of Kick Ass coffee for themselves. This contest is open to both Canada and the US.


This MUST be done before any other entry will count – Visit Kicking Horse Coffee’s Website and tell me the closest place to you where you can buy Kick Ass Coffee – 1 entry


Follow Kicking Horse Coffee on Twitter – 1 entry (leave your twitter name)

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Enter my #500 Follower Giveaway and let me know you did – 1 entry


Tweet this giveaway. Can be done once per day. Please leave a link to your tweet in your comment. You can use the following tweet:

#giveaway CAN/US Wake Up to a cup of Kick Ass Coffee & Enjoy your Day via @kcknghrsecoffee and @sweetmamabrady ends 9/12

RULES: This contest will be open to both Canada and the US. Contest will close at 9pm MST on Monday, Sept. 12. Winner will have 48 hrs to respond to my email or another winner will be drawn. Winners are chosen via Prize value is $13.99

Disclaimer: The views posted here are my own and have been not been influenced in any manner. I received this product to review and was not compensated in any other way.

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Funky Monkey T-Shirt Review

For me, T-shirts are fabulous! I love having a huge variety of t-shirts. They are so versatile. You can wear one over another, tie it up, lounge around or even wear as a nightie. I was given a Funky Monkey T-Shirt to review. When I received my package, the first thing I noticed was that the t-shirt was well made. It is 90% cotton and 10% pre-shrunk polyester. It has a good stitch on it. This is important to me for wash and wear. I don’t want to buy something that is going to come apart after a few washes.

The one I received has an adorable little monkey face on it.

When I check out the T-Shirt Printing website, I discovered they printed t’s for everything. You can get T’s for promotional purposes, teams or special events. They have T-shirts for the entire family. Not a huge lover of T’s? They have sweatshirts and hoodies too. Over 20 years of experience.

The one I received was of good quality. It wasn’t so thin that you could see through it and it didn’t feel heavy on. The true test was going to be the wash cycle!

There’s nothing worse than buying a t-shirt because you love the logo and then it cracks and peels in the wash. I am very happy to say that this t-shirt remained intact after washing it a couple of time. I found no cracks or signs of wear. The color has stayed vibrant. These are quality silk screen printing t’s….and it shows!

These are very comfortable t-shirts. I would of preferred a v-neck but didn’t find that the neckline rubbed in anyway. Overall, pleased with this product.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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I’m Going to the “ShesConnected Conference”

I am extremely pleased and honored to say that I have been invited to the ShesConnected Conference! This is a proud moment for me. The conference holds a lot of exciting and informative opportunities that I cannot wait to throw myself into. So many fantastic sponsors to meet and bloggers to engage with. When I saw my name announced, I didn’t know what to do first. Book a flight? Book a hotel room? Tweet everyone, text message my hubby (who was in a meeting at work) or what.

Knowing that I was selected based on these requirements fills me with pride. I want to thank ShesConnected for selecting me.

For any sponsors out there interested in participating in this fabulous event, I would be extremely grateful if you would consider me and my blog. It would be my pleasure to help promote your brand or product. To have help attending this conference would most appreciated. There is flight, hotel, taxi and meals. Anything would be a major help.

Thank you again to ShesConnected and to any sponsors that consider me!

Join in for the next ShesConnected twitter party #SCCTO. Currently scheduled for Aug 31th 8pm – 10pm est

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Thursday Plantation: Tea Tree Oil Organic Products – Review

Last week, I had the privilege of being sent a box of products from Abundance Naturally the Canadian distributor of Thursday Plantation Products. I had heard of tea tree oil but had never tried any products using it. So, the first thing I did was to find out what Tea Tree Oil is and where it comes from.

Apparently, tea tree oil is an essential oil that is from the leaves of “Melaleuca alternifolia”  a plant found in Australia. Historically, the leaves of the plant were used for tea and the oil from the leaves was used for medicine. Tea tree oil is found in a number of different products like creams or shampoos. People have used tea tree oil for acne, boils, eczema, dandruff and as an antiseptic. Tea tree oil has been used in a few clinical trials for acne, dandruff, fungal infection of toenails and athletes foot. They found significant improvements with those that used the tea tree oil as opposed to those that did not and found similar improvements to those that used another medicinal treatment!

“The scientific discovery of the plant’s virtues came in 1923 when the leading state government chemist, Arthur Penfold, tested the oil of the tea tree and determined its antiseptic action was about 12 times stronger than the widely used carbolic acid. Extensive clinical trials with medical and dental colleagues in London and Sydney led to glowing reports in the distinguished scientific journals of the day.

Indeed, the 1930’s and 1940’s saw tea tree oil widely acclaimed as a near perfect antiseptic, so much so that during World War II Australian soldiers were issued with tea tree oil in their first aid kits. The troops also sang the praises of tea tree oil’s insect repellent and anti-fungal properties. At home, it was put to an amazing spectrum of uses from shampoo, toothpaste and smelly feet to boils, acne and head lice.” From Thursday Plantation Website – Please see Abundance Naturally for Canadian Distribution.

Ok, now I was interested! A natural, organic and therapeutic product I can put to use in my daily routine. The first product I chose to try was the Tea Tree Lip Balm. I live in Calgary and it is extremely dry here. My lips seem to be constantly cracked and I go through a lot of products trying to remedy the situation. The 15ml size is perfect for tossing in your purse or jacket pocket. The first thing I realized, after smearing my lips, was I didn’t need the same amount of this lip balm as others I have used. You only need to squeeze a small amount on your finger and it smoothes on nicely. Next, was the smell. I’m not sure how to describe it except to say it’s a cross between medicinal and lemon. This quickly dissipates although you get the same kind of taste in your mouth when you lick your lips. The balm stays with you quite awhile. It soaks into your lips and removes that cracked, caked look. This is great! There is nothing worse than putting on a lip gloss or lipstick and having it look uneven or dry like you’ve been wearing it all day. After 24hrs, despite the taste, I knew I wanted to continue using this product on a regular basis. It actually seems to heal up the lips rather than just temporarily erase dryness!

Next on my list to try was the Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream. This is for relief of sunburn, fly and mosquito bites, minor irritations and dry skin. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have had a good share of mosquitos in Calgary and the beautiful weather encourages a lot of outdoor time. This inevitably means minor sunburn to someone. Not to mention my 49 yr old dry skin. Of all of the products, this one seemed to have the strongest smell. I had the opportunity to test it on mild sunburn and found that it had a cooling effect. You do not need to use very much of this at all. I made the mistake of applying as I would any other cream and found myself trying to rub in excessive amounts of cream.

The following three items are simply terrific. The Liquid Filled Cotton Tips and the Antibacterial Spray are a must for your first aid kit! They are perfectly sized and convenient.  They have no real smell to them which is good as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want to walk around smelling like a medicine cabinet. The spray is an oily type but cleans and soothes scrapes and cuts. The Cotton Tips are my favorite! A quick snap of the top will cause a clear antiseptic liquid, containing tea tree oil and aloe vera, to seep into the cotton swab end. Rub gently on minor cuts and scrapes. Clean, quick, no fuss and no muss. Apply where you want it! Neither of these have a sting to them which is great for kids. I found them to be so handy. The soap is natural and organic. It’s a very raw soap and could use to be a little more rounded for kids hands. However, the bonus to this soap is little to no smell and a fantastic, creamy lather. It has the benefit of being an antiseptic soap and is safe to use on a daily basis.

All in all, I was very happy that Abundance Naturally gave me the opportunity to try some of their fabulous products. I have found some great new personal hygiene products and tools I can add to my first aid kit.


Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are strictly my own. Although I received a package of product, no other compensation was given. 

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