Calgary Stampede Part 1



I would be remiss as a true Calgarian, if I did not post about “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”, The Calgary Stampede. If you’ve never been to Calgary then the Stampede is a great introduction. The town comes alive at the beginning of July every year. Our true spirit prevails and you can’t help but have a great time. Everyone is friendly and the entire city is encompassed in Stampede. There are free breakfasts of pancakes and sausages every day. Some companies have a free lunch of beef on a bun. The city is filled with country music and cowboys (real or otherwise) can be seen in various venues. You can find mechanical bulls to two step line dancing. It’s a guaranteed good time!

Heading down to the grounds, I would suggest the C-train. It’s quicker, no parking hassles and runs well into the early morning hours to get people home safely. The only problem you will have is deciding what to do first when you arrive.

General admission to the park (2011) is $15, seniors 65+ and children 7 -12 is $8 and children 6 and under get in free. There are so many FREE things included in your park pass. There’s the coke stage with various artists performing throughout the day. This includes childrens fun like The Big Comfy Couch. How about a little hypnotism or some brand new bands. You’ll find everything you want here. Other free events include the agricultural centre and the superdogs. When you enter the gates you are given a booklet with a map around the park and details of all the free happenings on the grounds.

Two of my favorite FREE venues are the Ice Skating Show and The Bell Midway Circus. I would recommend that you don’t miss either of them. The booklet you receive at the gates will give you all the dates and times that these shows are on. The Bell Midway Circus has various shows on throughout the day like the High Dive or the Trampoline show.  The Ice Skating Show usually has a couple of viewings per day.

Not enough for you? How about the rodeo or the chuckwagon races? Spectacular and thrilling events. There’s the grandstand show at night with fireworks (weather permitting). Prices for these events vary and there’s a handy ticket booth for information.

Feeling lucky? Why not purchase a ticket for the Lucky Loot or maybe a boat is more your style? Perhaps a dream home? Take a look at the beautiful dream home offered this year. It’s valued at over $700,000!!!!! Oh yes, I bought my ticket.

Perhaps you are hungry? Why wouldn’t you be. You’ve been taking in the specatacular Calgary Stampede! This year I tried something new (for me, not the grounds) deep fried pickles and I also had one of my favorites, mini donuts. I was nervous at first. Although I love pickles, I was a little unsure but I had promised myself. Wow, the were awesome! They were served with what tasted like a mild tzatziki sauce. The mini donuts, fantastic as usual. You can see by the picture that I ate half the bag before I remembered to take a shot of them.

I ate so much food and there was so much more I would of liked to try. There is a taste for every palette on the grounds.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. We have marching bands and rides for everyone. There are games of chance and souvenir shops.

I’ll have another post soon with further details and pics of  the Ice Skating Show and The Bell Midway Circus. There will also be pictures of just a few of the rides you can enjoy.

Tell your friends and come down to Calgary for “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”.



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  1. I would love to make the journey to the Stampede one of these years. I went as a kid and loved it

    Comment by Gingermommy | July 13, 2011 | Reply

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