When you meet someone new…and they’re a relative!

It seems like this would be a highly unusual event. In fact, it is probably more common than you think. I’ve wondered about this for many years ever since I met some British relatives of mine. My parents immigrated to Canada before I was born. That was a long time ago when travel wasn’t so common and phone calls were darned expensive. Mail took weeks and the internet simply wasn’t there. Seriously, I am not that old but it is amazing to think what has happened in 49 years!

Immigration is one way to lose track of family but there are many other ways as well. Adoption, war, family disagreements and busy lives are just a few ways this can happen. No matter the reason, it is an amazing feeling to meet up with someone you’ve never met or haven’t seen since they (or you) were a baby.

When I met my family from Britain, they were just like me. I felt right at home and noticed quite a few family traits. The way someone laughed or pouted, the way they moved or sat, their sense of humor and of course their looks. It’s an honor and a priviledge to reunite with family.

Last week, I again had that honor. A young nephew of mine took it upon himself to look me up! He had to be 2 or 3 the last time I saw him. Amazing to think so many years have passed. He’s 19 now. I truly was meeting him for the first time. When someone is a child you meet a child. If you are fortunate enough to watch them grow then you are gradually introduced to them over the years. If you’re not, then you meet an entirely different person.

My husband picked him up from the bus depot. An iphone pic was their tool to meet. I anxiously waited at home and wondered. I was nervous. What if he didn’t like me? What if I didn’t like him? What if…

When my nephew Danny walked through the door, I couldn’t of been prouder! He accepted my hug and my emotion and I knew he was family. We talked about the connections we had and shared the lost connections. He seemed interested and content. This visit was way too short for me. He was making an unintended stop in another journey. I’m so happy he did and looking forward to the next time we talk or visit.


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