I was given the opportunity to review Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee. “The name says it all: carpe diem, play to win, no regrets”

This is a bold, dark and rich coffee. It is a great mix of Indonesian and Central American fair trade, organic beans. When you open a can of coffee, the smell should tell you all you need to know. Is it fresh, vibrant and intense? Opening this can was pure pleasure. The aroma simply exploded under your nose. It tempts you into making the perfect cup. As a coffee lover, I could not wait to grind the beans and enjoy the flavor of this coffee.

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For me, T-shirts are fabulous! I love having a huge variety of t-shirts. They are so versatile. You can wear one over another, tie it up, lounge around or even wear as a nightie. I was given a Funky Monkey T-Shirt to review. When I received my package, the first thing I noticed was that the t-shirt was well made. It is 90% cotton and 10% pre-shrunk polyester. It has a good stitch on it. This is important to me for wash and wear. I don’t want to buy something that is going to come apart after a few washes.





Last week, I had the privilege of being sent a box of products from Abundance Naturally the Canadian distributor of Thursday Plantation Products. I had heard of tea tree oil but had never tried any products using it. So, the first thing I did was to find out what Tea Tree Oil is and where it comes from.

Apparently, tea tree oil is an essential oil that is from the leaves of “Melaleuca alternifolia”  a plant found in Australia. Historically, the leaves of the plant were used for tea and the oil from the leaves was used for medicine. Tea tree oil is found in a number of different products like creams or shampoos. People have used tea tree oil for acne, boils, eczema, dandruff and as an antiseptic. Tea tree oil has been used in a few clinical trials for acne, dandruff, fungal infection of toenails and athletes foot. They found significant improvements with those that used the tea tree oil as opposed to those that did not and found similar improvements to those that used another medicinal treatment!

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