GlobalFest 2011 – Italy: Part of the My Hometown Series #Calgary


by Nicole

GlobalFest is an annual fireworks competition held in Calgary, AB Canada in mid to late August at Elliston park. Since its launch in 2003, GlobalFest has been one of the top draws for both locals and tourists alike. This really comes as no surprise to me as GlobalFest is family friendly, inexpensive and has plenty to do on the grounds while you are waiting for the fireworks to kick off.

For the kids, Elliston park set up four Kiddie Korral’s around the park: bouncy houses, story area, arts and crafts, and an activity center, face painting. And if you are hungry the festival doesn’t lack any food. They have vendors with food from all over the world: Asian, Jamaican, Italian, and Ukrainian just to name a few. Myself I went straight for the Ukrainian tent and grabbed a plate of perogies before heading back to our blanket to watch the show. And what would a festival be without a Beer Garden (One World Cafe). GlobalFest has one of these too. It features beverages to try from around the world for anyone 18+ and is one of my favourite parts of the park.

Instead of heading back to your seat you could also go check out the one world stage that features performances from all around the globe. Or head over to the one world village and experience culture through music, performance, and art from all over the world including: History of the BlackFoot, Brazilian culture, art from Cameroon Africa, a stage band from the Caribbean, Chilean culture, Iranian culture, and many more!

One of the biggest draws, aside from the fireworks, for families is the fact that GlobalFest is very affordable. A general admission ticket will cost you $15.00/person or you can get tickets for all the nights for $62.50/person.

This year Italy came out on top, again, as the winner of the fireworks competition. While the Philippians took the people’s choice award for the year. So the next time you are in Calgary in late August grab some passes to GlobalFest bring a nice big blanket and settle down on the hills of Elliston park to watch a spectacular fireworks show and enjoy some amazing food from around the world.


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Dine In/Take Out: #Calgary Eats – Part of the My Hometown Series Part 1

The Keg – 130th Ave

For my money, the Keg on 130th Ave, has the best chefs. The picture above is Creole Chicken. I get this every time I visit this location. Its served with shrimp and scallops and they are done to perfection! The scallops just melt in your mouth. Obviously, they have someone cooking that knows how to do seafood. This is not the case at all the Keg’s in town. Try something different instead of the usual steak. I think you’ll be impressed. Creole Chicken is $23.95 on the menu and yes, it looks exactly like that each and every time.

Olive Grove – Midnapore

If you are feeling like a cheesy, thick crusted pizza, this is the one for you. This particular location takes care when preparing your pizza and doesn’t skimp out on the toppings. They have a varied menu including beef dips and potatoe skins or if you are feeling a little fancier, you can always try the veal. For me, however, this is where I get my pizza from. A large, 2 topping pizza, will run you around $25.00.  It’s a good price! You can easily feed 3 – 4 people with this pizza!

The British Chippy – Bridlewood

This is about as close to British Fish and Chips as you will eat in Calgary. Small 10 table restaurant with a very busy takeout service. Menu is simple. They have cod and chips, haddock and chips, steak and kidney pie, steak and mushroom pie. Can’t get more British than that unless you take a look at their sides where you will find mushy peas. A must in Britain although not to my taste. How about a little snack? Well, you can have a chip butty. It’s chips on a buttered bun! Oh it’s good alright. All the food here is yummy. Fish is lightly battered, thick pieces and made to order. The only draw back to this superb joint would be their prices. A little on the high side. Everything seems to be an add on dish. Want coleslaw with your fish, its extra. Want mushy peas, well, that’s extra too. Average cost for dinner for two: $30 – 35. Portions aren’t so big but definately worth trying.

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