I would like to thank my daughter, Nicole, for taking the time to write about her experience with the Dolphin Excursion in Xcaret. Although I had the pleasure of watching her with the dolphins, I myself did not go in.



On my visit to Xcaret, I started with the dolphin swim activity. The excursion really is a once in a life time opportunity to get in the water with these amazing creatures and I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves these animals. The group is roughly 10 people large, and the trainer will take you through a series of pictures with one of the two dolphins for memory sake. There is a viewing area for anyone who is not doing the excusion with you but it is far enough away that it is a bit difficult to get good shots with a regular camera. It is also in direct sunlight so come prepared with hats and sunscreen.

There are 3 different pictures that they take with you and one of the dolphins. One (featured above) where the dolphin rests his head on your hand, followed by one where the dolphin jumps up at you, and the classic kissing a dolphin picture.  Once that is out of the way the trainer will take you through the dolphin experience.  We were split up into groups and swam out into the middle of the pool where the trainer instructed two dolphins to jump over us. After this each person was allowed to get a foot push by the two dolphins. We once again swam out into the middle of the pool and the two dolphins swim up behind you and push you through the water. It is an amazing experience as you rise out of the water. There really is no other experience like the one you have when you are swimming with two beautiful mammals.

In the group I was in I was the only english speaker everyone else spoke Spanish. So the trainer did the entire program in spanish with the exception of when he wanted me to do something. This was rather frustrating at times because I didn’t know what he was saying to the dolphins or about the dolphins. He did try to speak spanish first and then english second but often forgot. This made parts of the experience rather frustrating at first, especially when I was in the middle of the tank not understanding what I was supposed to do with the two big dolphins in the water with me. I would highly recommend trying to get into a group where your native language will be spoken as the main language in order to have the full experience.

This popular excursion is expensive. You have to pay the entrance fee to Xcaret which is $109.00 USD and then the excursion itself is $150pp and a hefty $150/ per couple for the pictures after, or $109/30 pictures for a single person. In the end I only bought the one picture (2nd from the top) and that cost me $25 USD.

If you are planning a trip to Xcaret and love the dolphins, then I would say that overall this experience is a must despite the price.  It is a guaranteed good time.


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