Our family took a trip to Mexico this past May. We decided to take a trip to the eco-park, Xcaret. It is a beautiful and enormous park with too many features to mention. The trip was amazing and my daughter, Nicole has recounted her visit here for you!



Xcaret is located about 20 minutes from Cancun and is an easy day tour from any of the surrounding resorts. You can book this tour through most resorts and you should set aside a full day for it. The excursion will vary in costs depending on if there are deals through your hotel but you should be prepared to spend up to $109 USpp depending on whether you get the regular entry or the Xcaret plus entry. The Xcaret plus entry will get you scuba equipment for swimming, park entry,  a buffet lunch, 40 attractions, and access to Xcaret night. The regular entry will include park entry, Xcaret night, and 40 attractions.  The resort will ask you to wear bio degradable sunscreen in order to protect the eco-system of the park If you don’t have this, they will swap out your regular sunscreen which you can retrieve when you leave the park.

If you are taking this tour through your hotel make sure to follow all the instructions given to you by your bus tour guide. They will let you know when pick up is and where.  It is a good idea when leaving the park that you find someone in the correct uniform and double check which bus number you are supposed to get onto so that you  get onto the correct bus to return to your hotel.

The beach lagoon (left) is a beach located inside the eco park that provides a nice relaxing area where you can swim with  your family or significant other and provides a great view of the ocean The white sand feels great below your feet.  This is free with park admission. Other activities you can do at the park for an extra fee include: shark swimming, dolphin excursions, scuba diving or snorkelling and spas to name a few.

Also included in the park admission is access to the underground rivers in the Eco park.  You can snorkel these rivers or you can just swim through the tunnels and enjoy the scenery. It will take you about 45 minutes to an hour to swim the full length of the river.  You can pick up your life jacket at one end and drop off your belongings. They will lock up your belongings and bring them to the other end.  The river itself is not too deep and there are several locations where you can exit the underground river if you no longer want to go on.

The Coral Reef aquarium is another must visit at Xcaret. Here you can explore the different types of marine life in the Caribbean. When we were there we were able to look at different and weird looking fish species.  We were also able to touch star fish and sea cucumbers before we left the aquarium and have the experience of watching nurse sharks and feeding time for the sting rays. Other areas I would have loved to see, but didn’t have time, are: Tropical Jungle Trail, Sea Turtles, and Jaguar Island.

On our way out we had the opportunity to pass by Monkey Island where we watched a spider monkey. We were able to stop and watch a tiny spider monkey snack on a piece of fruit as it watched us curiously. You can have the option of finishing out your day at Xcaret by attending the night show that is included with your admission to the park. This performance runs 7-9. If you have a day to spend doing something and don’t mind walking a lot I highly recommend this day excursion.  This is a day trip my husband and I would love to go on again if we get the chance.


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