Oh where to start with this place? I guess the best place to start is pricing. This park will cost you $99pp and gives you an all day pass to 4 activities: Zip lines, Underground River, “ATV’ing” and Underground Rafting. You also have unlimited access to the buffet and to the Juice bar (I suggest getting an oatmeal cookie first thing in the AM, they are fresh and delicious). Make sure to drink lots of water, you’ll need it especially if you end up doing zip lining most of the day like we did.

I’ll begin by telling you about the “ATV’ing”.  This activity has 2 circuits (though we only did one) and it is what amounts to a golf cart on a dirt path. You drive around the trail and occasionally go through a couple of tunnels.  Unless you have children that you’d like to enjoy a tamer experience, I would stay away from this activity. It’s a little boring and doesn’t live up to the ATV experience.

Next would be zip lining. This is really cool. I was nervous about doing this at first because I am terrified of heights. My husband encouraged me to do this though and I’m glad he did!  It is a bit tough to climb up the hill to get to each tower but it’s worth it! When you get to the top of the first tower you get to choose between two circuits. I suggest doing circuit two first (the circuit on your left when you get to the top). This is because the first circuit has more water falls that you go through and by the time you get through circuit one you’ll want to do the one with all the water to cool off.  When you are going down the line make sure to keep your knees tucked as closely to you as possible. This is important because, as I found out, some of the trees are not trimmed properly and if you get struck by one of the branches they can leave quite a gash on you.  The circuits have water falls that you zip line through and then you crash into the river. If we went back to this park we would simply zip line almost the entire day.

The next activity is the river rafting. There is no kind way to put it. I hated this activity. This activity is somewhere around 30-45 minutes in length. The idea is a rafting trip but you use your hands as paddles instead of real paddles.  I could have done without this.

Finally, we did the underground swim. The water down here is a bit cool so it’s best to just jump right in that way you don’t end up taking 15 minutes to get in the water like I did. This activity will take somewhere around 45 minutes to complete but it’s relaxing and is the perfect cool down after a couple hours of zip lining. The caves were really neat to look at and the water is fantastic. At the very end of this swim you’ll find a circular waterfall that is amazing. I recommend going to the middle once you are through and just looking up.

At the end of the day you can pick up your pictures at the photo shop. I would suggest heading over there around 4:30 if you have to catch a bus back to your hotel to allow your self plenty of time. The pictures here are more reasonable then at Xcaret. You can get the entire set for a single person for $50. This includes every picture taken by their motion cameras.

This is more of a theme park and I would recommend it for young families. However, if you’re a couple that enjoys adventure and challenge, I would highly recommend you take an individual tour of zip lining or ATV’ing.  If you are looking for a beginners zip line tour I would say this might be worth it if you stuck to the zip line and underground swim.


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