The Bahama’s – Part 1: Pigs and Iguanas

The Bahamas

Part 1: Pigs and Iguanas

Recently, I was given the opportunity to go to the Bahamas. Not just any trip but the trip of a lifetime. It was a private yacht that would sail to various islands over the course of a week. I know, right? How could I say no! We arrived in Nassau in the afternoon and the Captain picked us up and took us to the docks. Gorgeous boat! I simply couldn’t believe I was there. There were ten people on the yacht as well as 8 crew members. Since it was mid afternoon, we lifted anchor and headed to our first destination.

This unique collection of islands, has many treasures to offer. Too many wonderful sights to possibly see in a single week. It was one of the most exciting and yet peaceful trips that I have ever taken. I was a little concerned when the offer came up that I would find myself sea sick. Surprisingly, and thankfully, this was not the case. There is such beauty in looking out over the ocean or approaching an island. I couldn’t get enough of the spectacular views.

Every morning there was an itinerary set up inside the lounge. It told you the events and the meals you would be having. Half of the day was dedicated to planned events and half the day was dedicated to your own choices. Nothing was mandatory but everything was worth seeing.

The first planned event and my first exposure to the “real” Bahamas, was a government protected eco-island. Everything is protected here and you are not allowed to remove anything from the island. Not a single shell. It’s worth it!! This was magnificent. Here we visited and walked for miles (or sat and admired the views). We played in the ocean and began to understand the bahamian lifestyle.

Throughout the week, we were given opportunities to visit numerous islands. Some small enough you could walk across them in mere minutes. Others much larger and filled with numerous types of vegetation. They all had one thing in common. They had beautiful beaches and great ocean views!

Of course my hubby and I look happy,

we were having a blast!

Two of the islands we visited were most definately inhabited. The first one they called Pig Island. Apparently they have swimming pigs. I didn’t believe it either. This I had to see. We were told we were not allowed to get out of the boat for this excursion. We were, however, allowed to feed the pigs some leftover goodies from breakfast. As our boat approached what looked like an uninhabited island, the noise of the engine drew out numerous curious pigs. When they saw the boat they began swimming out to greet us. This was too much like fun. They swam around us snorting and lifting their mouths for treats. When the food was gone, they deserted us. It seemed like a crazy dream as they all disappeared back into the brush.

The next inhabited island was the Iguanas. This is the Exuma Islands. The iguanas that live here are the worlds most endangered lizards. They are not found anywhere else! We were allowed to go on this island as the Iguanas are not usually aggressive. Some of them were sunning themselves and others came out to greet us from the brush.

Fast Facts as posted on a feature board on the island:

– Can weigh as much as 11kg or 24lbs

– Can live to be 80 yrs old

– Breed every 1 – 3 years

– Eat mainly leaves, flowers and fruits

– Make their nests in the sand in June and July

– Protected by Bahamian and International laws

The opportunity to visit such natural habitats, shows the diversity of the islands. From large to small, inhabited or not, people or not each island is both similar and different. In the Bahamas there is much to see, learn and do. My next “Bahama” post will explore a couple of very exciting treats, snorkelling and sharks!

Happy Travelling!



  1. I am going to have to tell my 19 y/o daughter about Pig Island in The Bahama’s…she is soo going to want to go there and see that~!! Pigs are her passion and it would be a mind freak for her too…thanx for sharing!

    Comment by Jennifer C. | August 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. Wow I have always wanted to go there. Did you win this trip? I remember when we went to Mexico and the iguanas were every where. Really cool. We even had one as a pet years a go

    Comment by Gingermommy | August 13, 2011 | Reply

    • Wow, that would of been an awesome contest! No, I did not win this, but neither did I have to pay for it. Was a bonus from my hubby’s boss. I think it’s pretty awesome you had an iguana as a pet. They are pretty amazing.

      Comment by sweetmamabrady | August 13, 2011 | Reply

  3. Wow, awesome trip. Lucky!! Great pictures as well. Funny about the pig!

    Comment by Huguette E. | August 13, 2011 | Reply

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